To Numb or not to Numb

Numb it’s such a weird word, and it’s also weird to tattoo skin that has had numbing cream applied.

Personally I don’t rate it. I’ve had mixed experiences with clients who use numbing cream. Most products available in NZ have a small percentage of lidocaine which means it needs to be applied at least an hour before your tattoo. Covered with gladwrap and left on for the tattooist to remove before the stencil is applied. Because this numbs the surface of the skin it is not a completely pain free experience.

If you’re contemplating using numbing cream discuss it first with your tattooist and make an informed decision. Yes some areas of the body are more painful then other areas. But my philosophy is if you really want the tattoo you will handle the pain. And for the most part people say it hurts way less then they were expecting.

By not using numbing cream you are eliminating one of the variables that comes with inking skin. Numbing cream restricts the capillaries and restricts blood flow. It makes the skin rubbery and weird but hay that’s not that big a deal. As long as you can sit still during a tattoo that’s the most important part.


It’s not that bad honestly.

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